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Duncan Sheik and Suzanne Vega at the Cedar

Fun fact: When we saw Howard Jones the week before, he mentioned a Buddhist retreat he was at with Duncan Sheik in France. ..

Squeeze! Difford & Tillbrook at the Cedar
Difford & Tillbrook

Hands down best, most fun, fulfilling concert I’ve been to this year.

Holidazzle Opening Ceremony, Loring Park Holidazzle opening fireworks

Another busy week is at hand. I’m canceling some tentative plans because I don’t want to be overwhelmed. I have to travel for work next week.

Week 7

I’m making a concerted effort to improve my health by my next birthday. These Week # posts chronicle my progress.

I’m slightly behind in getting this posted. It was a holiday weekend and I was lazy, Lazy, LAZY. It was glorious. I consider it a success nonetheless. I consistently ran the room humidifier which improved sleep and not being shocked by everything I touched.

This week I’m focused on indoor alternatives to walking (hey slippery sidewalks are back) and keeping healthy snacks around the abode. Currently having an apple.

Week 6

I’m making a concerted effort to improve my health by my next birthday. These Week # posts chronicle my progress.

This week has been about recuperation.  Only 1 event, a concert last Sunday. I’ve got another concert next week and then all my ticketed events are done for the year. Thank gawd.

The ginger as migraine interceptor research continues. It’s killed 2 out of 3 so that’s a win. Also thrown into the mix: B12 lozenges for what may be peri-menopause. Aging is so fun! har har. Honestly, it is from the mental standpoint. The physical, not so much.

Also, the sinusitis I caught on vacation is finally nearly gone. progress has been slow.

The focus next week is getting winter habits in place – sun lamp, vaporizer overnight, and walking indoors.  May need to up the neti pot usage too.





Social butterfly

So uh, it’s been a busy month.

Joe Jackson at the Fitz in St Paul
Joe Jackson

Howard Jones at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Mpls
Howard Jones, excerpt of New Song at the Fine Line Music Cafe

Ira Flatow of Science Friday Live! at the Fitz in St Paul
Ira Flatow

Book Signing and exhibit at Mill City Museum in Mpls for “Minneapolis in the 1970s” a photo book by Mike Evangelist with text by Andy Sturdevant
Amazing book

Two more concerts this month. Fun, fun but tiring.

Week 5

I’m making a concerted effort to improve my health by my next birthday. These Week # posts chronicle my progress.

Last August I started on daily preventative meds to mitigate migraines. It hasn’t eliminated them but it has decreased the number and severity. However, I still need to take sumatriptan to kill them off when they show up. I’ve done some reading about the efficacy of ginger. It’s been shown in at least one study to decrease severity, not as well as sumatriptan but better than a placebo. If I could cut down on sumatriptan that would be a good thing.

My migraines tend to fall during a particular phase of my ovulation cycle. I took ginger capsules twice in the last week as soon as I felt one coming on. In one instance it worked. In the other it didn’t.  I’ll continue to try it.

The side effect is that you smell like ginger. You taste it in your saliva. Everything you excrete smells like it. So those are probably good days to work from home. Sorry, pupper and manpanion.


Week 4

I’m making a concerted effort to improve my health by my next birthday. These Week # posts chronicle my progress.

This last week was about mental/emotional health. I’ve been listening to Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. I’ve seen myself in several examples for less skillful ways to handle situations and, thankfully, in some of the examples of how to more skillfully navigate vulnerability.

I also got sidelined with a 3 day streak of migraines. Sumatriptan took care of all of them but I’m on a daily preventative so my PA wants me taking less sumatriptan. I researched potential alternatives and it looks like ginger could be one. I’ll be testing that out at my next migraine signs.

In week 5 I want to invest more planning time so that I have breakfast ready to grab on my way to work each morning. Also, more herbal tea to tame allergy throat and water. Lots of water.

Kraftwerk & Madonna

I am so very behind on photos, posts, life. So here’s some quick documenting. Last month We saw Kraftwerk at Northrup Auditorium. My first 3D concert. It was great!

KraftwerkThe next night we saw Madonna at the Xcel Center. I got club level tickets, a price tag that took my breath away. For that we got decent seats and a crap ton of food and drink. 21 year old me would have appreciated it a lot more. 21 year old me couldn’t have afforded it. Oh, the irony. The concert was impressive. I really hoped to hear “Deeper and Deeper” but wasn’t holding my breath. When a musician’s career spans 4 decades, there’s only so many songs that’ll get played in concert. Luckily, it was one of them. Took me back to my 20s. Madonna, Rebel Heart Tour, St Paul

Madonna, Rebel Heart Tour, St Paul

Week 3

I’m making a concerted effort to improve my health by my next birthday. These Week # posts chronicle my progress.

The point of resolutions is tossing them out the window, amiright? Week 3 was stagnate. Miserable rain didn’t help. However, some walks for errands did. Week 4 is going better, especially now that Halloween is over. :) More chatty posts later today or tomorrow about what I’ve been up to here in Mpls.

Week 2

I’m making a concerted effort to improve my health by my next birthday. These Week # posts chronicle my progress.

I started out strong over the weekend but even as my walking was on target, my sinus infection got worse. Both my dog and I were sidelined this week by illness. Fortunately we’re both on the mend now. My wallet is suffering due to 3 vet visits though. Woof.

I ordered these resistance bands. It will feel good to be working my upper body again. It’s been waaay too long. I’d love to be able to go out in a kayak or canoe next summer.

Food choices were ok this week. Not great, just ok. I felt like I needed some comfort food, being sick. Needed? Maybe wanted is a more fitting word.

I went on antibiotics for sinusitis and took a break from my Fitbit step goal for 3 days. I resumed it yesterday. My lungs feel weak and as my heart rate gets going, I feel winded. It’s getting a little better each day. I’ll be glad to say good riddance to this cough.

I have ambitious weight goals by year’s end. Not unsafe, because that’s foolish and unsustainable. But I do have to make small goals along the way or I’ll never get to where I want to be a year 50 weeks from now. Hell, the year is over in 10 weeks. Zoiks!

Goals for week 3 are to keep on hitting daily steps, shake the last of this cough off, resume using my neti pot, and increase resistance band reps.



Yay Autumn

Don't you just love Autumn in Mpls?
October is looking lovely. I think we had our first freeze last Friday night. If true, hopefully that means my allergies will dial it down a notch. I caught a cold on vacation last month and it has morphed into sinusitis. I’m seeing a PA today. Every time I cough, the pupper is traumatized; I think it’s ptsd from some bad respiratory illnesses in years past. Fortunately, it hasn’t deterred my walking and I’ve hit my 10k step goal for 10 days straight.

The pupper is also ailing. He threw up last night and has been out of it ever since. He’ll be seeing the vet this morning. I hope he’s ok. I hate seeing him like this and I’m sure he hates feeling this way.

Other than being sick and working, we’ve had busy times since returning from vacation. We saw Kraftwerk and Madonna in concert, hit several nature haunts, and I managed to get to level 5 in my Munzee clan. I got a new point & shoot camera, a Nikon Coolpix S9900. It’s 30x optical zoom, 16mb, and I can connect to it via wifi and download pics right to my phone. Living in the future is pretty awesome.

We’ve got several events coming up in November, too. Howard Jones, Joe Jackson, Science Friday, Squeeze, Suzanne Vega & Duncan Sheik. I’m staying in MN for Thanksgiving. The fella is going to Nebraska. As for Christmas, we’ll see what the weather does.

I’ll sign off this one with some more autumn goodness on the Mississippi River. Love the Midwest in fall.

Lock & Dam no 1